Are you a social influencer?

Oolaboo is open to collaborate with you!

Do you have a passion for beauty? Are you maybe already a fan of Oolaboo?
Do you maintain a blog/vlog in which beauty is central and is well visited every month? Have you built up a beautiful constituency through social media channels?  Do you think your followers are interested in finding out more about Oolaboo?
Don't you work with other beauty brands yet? Then we might be looking for you!

Oolaboo is looking for real fans, fans who like to use our products, write about it and create content for their followers. Facebook and Instagram are the most important channels for us. The number of followers is not so important for us, more so the quality and message is even more important.

our goals

Oolaboo focuses on woman in the age of 25-55 years, who are willing to spend a reasonable amount on cosmetics and choose this consciously.  Our goal is to generate brand awareness and to engage into a long term partnership. It is important to have a good click with each other that ensures we can get maximum creativity.

We have to admit, we prefer to work on the basis of barteldeals, where we give products to you and you make a beautiful (blog) post! An affiliate-based partnership is also possible, with a fixed margin of 10% of the sales amount. You then join our affiliate partner who will take care of the payment. If you want to receive a fee in cash, we ask for your motivation.

Do we have your attention and would you like to work together? Please fill in the form below and we will contact you so we can discuss the possibilities.

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