Luxury hair care

remember the day your hair changed for good inside and out.

Our collection of hair care products has been based on our experience with skin care technology.

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Skin Care

Every skin has got its own story.

Did you know our skin is our biggest organ? On average, no less than 16% of our body weight!

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Super Foodies

The heart of each super foodies product is Japanese matcha.

The heart of every Super Foodies product is Japanese matcha, the most refined and oldest tea from Japan. Matcha is a natural superfood and offers a tremendous amount of wellness for our hair, skin and inner health.

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The development of hair color takes continuous exploration and emerges a sense of curiosity.

As we walk through the colorful Dutch flower fields, the beautiful rainforests or other little, hidden vibrant places around the world, we are always looking for new color ideas, combinations and inspiration.
Ecolorgy is inspired by ecology: the scientific study of the relations that living organisms have with respect to each other and their colorful and natural environment.
We have managed to use pure truffle oil in our hair coloring products, truffle oil is one of the richest sources of vitamin B. During the coloring process truffle oil nourishes the hair in an intensive way.The pure pigments are refined as dust and penetrate deeper into the hair, this ensures pure, shiny and uniform hair color, always looking and feeling healthy, a result you create together with your hairdresser.