Wash your hands

Did you know that every Oolaboo treatment starts with a handwash ritual?

The handwash ritual is inspired by the purification ritual of the hands at ancient Buddhist temples and tea gardens. Before entering the temple or garden, the hands, kneeling in a Tsukubai (stone washbasin), are purified.

According to the spirit of the ritual, the body of the person must be lower to wash her/his hands and this is the beginning of his purification. This posture is called ' Tsukubai ' and comes from the Japanese verb ' tsukubau ', which means squat or kneel.

The purification ritual of the hands has many traditions. Usually you use water on your own hands for cleaning, cooling or relaxation, but cleaning can also be done by someone else as a sign of love or friendship. The most famous ritual of handwashing is to purify the hands before meals.

The Oolaboo handwash ritual is a ritual of old and new. Purifying the hands separates us from everything that has been and prepares us for what is about to come. It symbolizes our awareness of what we do and who we are.

For this riuteel the super foodies happy hand & body wash is used, a wash that cleans the skin softly and nourish the skin as well. It guarantees a sense-stimulating cleansing with an intense fragrance experience thanks to fragrance compositions of rose and tube rose.

The Oolaboo hand wash ritual works like a appetizer and is the start of a relaxing Oolaboo treatment.

So close what has been and be open for what is coming.

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