The effects of sunlight and pollution on the skin.

Everyone is happy that the sun shines more often due to the summertime! Our body needs the sun to produce vitamin D in our body. This vitamin provides a better resistance, strong bones and healthy teeth. The sun also has a positive effect on our state of mind, because aren’t we all happy when the sun shines?

Unfortunately, the sunrays also have negative effects. The sun is the main cause for skin ageing, because of the long-term exposure to UV-rays (photoaging). Harmful influences from outside (such as smoke and pollution), hormonal changes and genetic predisposition, also plays an important role in skin ageing.

Sunlight contains UVA, UVB and UVC-rays. UVA-rays cause long-term skin damage: the main cause of skin ageing. UVB-rays cause skin burning and will moult the skin after having too many sun exposures. UVC-rays don’t affect the skin because they are absorbed by the atmosphere.

Also, pollution is a harmful process for the skin. Substances (such as particulate matter, large carbon particles, polluting metals and (exhaust) gases) can attack the skin from outside, destroy the natural skin barrier and penetrate the skin. This process can lead to damaging the DNA cells, premature skin ageing, skin irritation and skin inflammation.

To offset the army of sunrays and pollution, Oolaboo developed two soldiers: the Skin Defense DNA Protective program consisting of two products:

Skin Defense DNA Protective Cream (SPF 30)

This cream contains Japanese Matcha: an antioxidant with a natural UV filter that improves the elasticity of the skin and slows down the ageing process. The cream also contains a conditioning system (Tosolin), containing: glucomannan, betaglucan and hyaluronic acid.

Glucomannan protects the skin from acute damage, stabilizes pigmentation and moisturizes the skin. Betaglucan (Polysaccharide from wheat) protects the skin's immune system, protects against photoaging and skin cancer. Hyaluronic acid accelerates the production of collagen.

We used a physical sunscreen that functions as a layer on the skin to reflect the UV rays. The cream will not be absorbed into the skin, so the hormones won’t be disturbed nor effected. Also, the skin won’t be irritated.

The cream doesn’t contain the ingredient oxybenzone (a chemical sun filter that effects the sea life, coral and the body), so you can go swimming while knowing that the sea life around you won’t be damaged.

The cream is photo stable. This means that it has a long-lasting effect. However, it is advisable to lubricate your skin every two hours to prevent skin damage.

And.... always keep in mind that you only use the products up to 12 months after opening. When the packaging has been open for more than 12 months, we advise to buy a new product.

Skin Defense DNA recovering post Exposure balm

The balm restores the moisture balance and reduces redness, due to the shea butter, aloe vera and macadamia oil. Mint provides the necessary cooling of the skin. The antioxidant Matcha has been added to slow down the ageing process of the skin. Also, the balm contains the (above-mentioned) conditioning system Tosolin, which helps to support the natural protection of the body and results in a faster, deeper and long-lasting complexion. Both products contain the delicious and exotic scent of coconut.

So, enjoy the sun and don’t forget to protect your skin against the sunrays and pollution!

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About the author: Ellen Wilmink

Communication manager at Oolaboo.

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