Sleeping Beauty

Nothing is as important as a good night's sleep. Sufficient rest is essential for a healthy and radiant skin. To support your skin at night, Oolaboo developed the beauty sleep program, special creams particularly for the night. The creams include Makuna Honey, which helps to repair, protect, moisturize and soothe the skin. This way your skin starts the day fresh and relaxed, just like you, as it should be.

The Beauty Sleep Recovering Nutrition Night program consists of two products: The Recovering Nutrition Night Cream and Liposome Nutrition Collagen Stimulation Elixer. The Recovering Nutrition Night Cream (€52.95) is a soft and rich night cream for the face and contains recovering and protective The skin will recover during your sleep. The Manuka Honey moisturizes, nourishes, heals and protects the skin. This ingredient also stimulates the production of new cells, so your skin looks radiant and better after your well-deserved sleep.

The Liposome Nutrition Collagen Stimulation Elixer (€76.50) contains a very high concentrated quantity in liposomes encapsulated vitamin C and E (in stable form). This ingredient is generated from the cili In addition the ingredient Viniderm, a grape extract from Languedoc Roussillon, is added. This ingredient is rich in polyphenols, which stimulates collagen synthesis and prevents the loss of elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin. The scent has a calming effect for your body, while the cream stimulates the creation of new cells during your sleep. The real definition of a ‘beauty-sleep’.

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