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The heart of every Super Foodie's product of Oolaboo is matcha; the oldest, most rare and refined tea variety from Japan. Matcha is the superfood of choice and offers an awful lot of good for our hair, our skin and inner health.
More and more biochemists discover the benefits of matcha in cosmetics and the food industry has also noticed the potential of matcha. For example, matcha is used by chocolatiers, bonbon makers, ice makers and star cooks as an ingredient for chocolate, truffles, ice cream, desserts and smoothies.

The health benefits surpass many times that of normal green tea because you not only drink the extract but consume the entire leaf with all the nutrients. Matcha's antioxidant effect also scores above average high compared to other healthy and nutritious products. With two cups of matcha tea, you'll meet your daily serving of antioxidants.

Matcha is without a doubt a superfood that should not be missing in our daily skin and hair care

The allover gentle scrub is a soft scrub for all skin conditions, especially recommended for sensitive skin conditions. Japanese matcha tea creates a protection against free radicals. Fine ' grains ' of pink sandy beaches from Tikehau (French Polynesia) along with vanilla beans and macadamia nuts, gently remove the keratinized skin cells, resulting in better absorption of hydrating treatments. A nurturing base of botanical extracts of Capuacuboter, plus soothing babassu oil helps to prevent over-stimulation of the skin. The skin becomes soft and clean with a healthy-looking finish.
Use the scrub once a week to keep your skin optimal.

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