Quinoa, also good for your hair!

The hair baths and conditioners of Oolaboo all contain the Quinoa Protein Complex.Pronounced as KEEN-WAH, quinoa is also called "Mother Grain," in the Inca language. Other names for quinoa include vegetable caviar and Inca rice.

Already 5000 years before the start of our era, quinoa was cultivated on the heights of the Andes by the Incas. It was eaten mainly as a companion and supplement to the potato meals. And those old Incas apparently didn't look so bad yet, they kept quinoa as a secret for years. By eating quinoa they believed that this 'superfood' would enrich their blood with oxygen. When NASA was looking for suitable food for astronauts, the quinoa soon came to the menu.

High-quality amino acids, which penetrate deep into the hair fibre, this makes quinoa very suitable as a nutrient for hair and skin care. Therefore, the hair baths and conditioners of Oolaboo contain the Quinoa protein complex, a natural protein complex, rich in 16 different amino acids, namely: Alanine, Arginine *, Asparagine, Glutamine, Glycine, Histidine *, Isoleucine *, Leucine *, Lysine *, Methionine *, Phenylalanine *, Proline, Serine, Threonine, Tyrosine and Valine *. (* 8 necessary amino acids)
Also not entirely unimportant: at Oolaboo no sodium laureth sulfate is used in the hair baths and the products are all 100% free of parabens. That is a safe idea!

Oolaboo only produces safe products for hair and scalp without questionable substances. Oolaboo prefers to invest in ingredients that do work. Oolaboo hair care contains adequate nutrients intended to treat the signs of ageing of the hair and scalp.

The Hair Care Program of Oolaboo consists of the use of only the best active nourishing substances, which can be used often both eaten and on the scalp and hair, with the aim of optimizing the health of the hair and the body.

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