Oolaboo X FRAENCK 2020 bag

In September Oolaboo launches her limited edition bag again. Every year we look for the right design to give our loyal Oolaboo customer a gift when buying two or more Oolaboo products.
This year we found a very special design, one with a story. Not just a story, but a story in which people and sustainability play a hudge role and... it is vegan, 100% Dutch design and handmade.

Oolaboo was introduced to Dutch bag label FRAENCK, based in Arnhem. A meeting took place which ended in a beautiful collab. FREANCK designed the 2020 Oolaboo Bag.

FRAENCK is a concept of designer duo Ho & Mulder. In 2007 they met at the art academy in Arnhem, where Ratna Ho, studied Fashion Design and Pascal Mulder, Product Design. From their first meeting, Ho and Mulder shared a passion for a design profession.
Not much later, a collection was created that is animal-friendly, socially and locally produced. Upcycle at FRAENCK; the bags are made of recycled cutting waste from a local sailmaker. These materials are combined with vegan leather waste. Beautiful materials, which would have ended up in the bin, now get a second chance at life and are transformed into beautiful bag collections. FRAENCK call it: upclycling.

The word upcycling not only sounds like one word, but above all sounds like we are giving more value, and that's right.
In upcycling, a waste product is re-used, but you give the original raw material more value.
In 2019 together with FRAENCK’s customers, 1200 kilos of scrap sailcloth and synthetic leather were given a second chance at being useful. With your help, this number can surely increase! You don’t just acquire a designer bag, you’re also upcycling materials and give people the opportunity at developing themselves within our social enterprise.
Sounds like a fair deal, do'nt you think?

Leather, fur and wool are examples of important sources of materials of clothing and fashion accessories. Not with
FRAENCK though. Fashion and animal cruelty should not be combined. Ever. That's why they only use real imitation leather.

People at FRAENCK, they also believe in an inclusive world. The sustainable collections are therefore produced by
people with a distance from the job market. At the atelier in Arnhem they keep an eye on the conditions in which the
collection is manufactured and they retain the craft of making bags.

Last year (2019) FRAENCK offered 18 ambitious individuals a learning pathway. Here they learn important skills that bring them (again) closer to the job market. Three of these go-getters have now found work.

Whether you are a status holder, a young person, have a slight disability or you are a little older – you are welcome in
FREANCK’s studio!

Especially for Oolaboo they designed the 2020 Oolaboo bag. Because FRAENCK depends on the availability of residual
materials, we have chosen 4 variants:

dark blue
light grey
dark blue

Because FRAENCK depends on the availability of residual But it might happen that your bag has a different color...that's the beauty of working with residual materials.


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About the author: Ellen Wilmink

Communication manager at Oolaboo.

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