One product, 24 benefits!

Are you suffering from dry or very dry hair?

The moisty seaweed hydration program of Oolaboo takes care of that! Seaweed is not only the most important but also the richest source of minerals. Because of the high concentration of enzymes, the use of seaweed is recommended for healthy (scalp) skin and hair. Seaweed also has an antibacterial effect. During cleaning, the necessary enzymes remain behind the hair and scalp. These enzymes even help against dandruff, stimulate the hair follicle to new hair growth and give the hair an infusion of moisture and luster.

Seaweed also contains astonishing luxury oils. These oils (the complex polysaccharidess, proteins, minerals and vitamins) are absorbed by the hair and scalp and restore the moisture balance of the hair and scalp together.
The moisty seaweed hydration program is an exclusive and luxurious program recommended for dry, to very dry and unruly hair. It restores the moisture balance of the hair in an intensive way, making her immediately supple and manageable. It also soothes a (dry) scalp. This program contains an exclusive infusion of high-quality marine botanicals, including seaweed. Algae are very rich in obligo elements and contain a large amount of polysaccharides that have the ability to absorb moisture in order to restore the moisture balance of the hair. Algae are also rich in nutrients such as trace elements, amino acids and vitamins.

One product, 24 benefits! A cure for your hair, which takes care of everything!
Does that exist? Yes! The new Oolaboo moisty seaweed 24 benefits instant cure is a leave-in, quick to apply so no rinsing out. Seaweed ensures the correct moisture balance, silk softens and strengthens the hair. Restores and strengthens your hair in one simple step ! A must-have after this tropical summer!

    •   re-moisturizes intensely
        smooths immediately

  • repairs cuticle damage
  • improves combability
  • equalizes multi-porosity
  • supports body
  • defines curls
  • reconstructs damaged hair
  • strengthens the hair
  • revives lifeless hair
  • seals the hair cuticle
  • helps tame unruly hair
  • controls frizzy hair
  • seals split ends
  • increases hair elasticity
  • stops hair breakage
  • protects hair color from fading
  • prevents damage from environment
  • thermal shield flat iron and blow dryer
  • detangles easily
  • leaves hair soft and silky
  • adds shine
  • minimizes electrical charges
  • enhances manageability


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