Spring is here 

Spring!! Yes, finally! After a long winter, everyone will be delighted to feel the sun and enjoy the pleasant temperature outside! Nature is slowly coming back to life, the days are getting longer and the birds are busy nesting.
Anyway, let’s wear those skirts again! But then... under those summer skirts... white legs like a bottle of milk! Nuhhh, that is not gonna happen!  Oolaboo has the right product for a beautiful bronze sunkissed look while being safe without the damage of the UV rays! Surely everyone wants that?!
The skin superb organic spray-on bronzer makes sure that your skin gets a natural tan! No ' carrot effect ' and no streaks or smudges!

Because only natural ingredients are used, including an ultra-pure organic DHA and a second bronzer Erythrulose, they react with amino acids of the skin, creating a beautiful natural brown tan. Cannot wait to wear the skirts again… But the bronzer does more: the product is enriched with aloe vera that soothes, soothes and moisturizes the skin. The green tea extract protects the skin from the sun and free radicals. Vitamin E also provides the skin's barrier function, vitamin A, on the other hand, stimulates the cell renewal and improves the elasticity of your skin. Co-ENCYM Q10 finally generates energy and protects your skin against oxidative stress. By using the bronzer glove, you grab it all in one fell swoop!

Because the bronzer is in a bottle without a propellant, you do not suffer from harmful toxins, good to know! The bronzer also has a fresh mango scent that instantly reminds you of southern places! After easy application with the bronze brush, for your face, or the bronze glove, for your body, let the product dry for a while. It absolutely does not feel sticky.! Do not shower or bath for the next 8 hours and you can enjoy a delicious tan up for up to one week long.

Extra tip: Scrub your skin before applying the bronzer, then the result is even better.

Now you are spring proof! Get on that skirt, enjoy walking through the streets, get a glass on the terrace and enjoy all the other beautiful things spring has to over!

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About the author: Ellen Wilmink

Communication manager at Oolaboo.

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