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My whole life already, and that's been a lot of years, keeping my skin in balance is a big challenge! Unfortunately, I am not blessed with an easy skin.
In my childhood my skin was oily, fortunately, this did not lead to very bad acne, but ignitions were very frequent! And now at a later age, the transition has also started early, my skin is still oily, especially around my nose and chin.

Fortunately, I have been keeping it well under control the last few years!
When Oolaboo was 'born', the oil control program was the solution for me, since that day I no longer have to think about my daily routine.

All Oolaboo products contain active ingredients, my skin needed some time to get used to it, which resulted in a small outbreak, which disappeared after a few days. Since then my skin has gone ahead with big leaps! Occasionally there is a small pimple, especially around a menstrual period and now that I'm in the transition, the hormone jar is all the way off, but I take control!
Every morning and evening I clean my skin with the one step Skin regulation Nutrition wash, a fresh gel that turns into a soft cream during use. Extracts from bitter orange and peach work as a natural tonic, therefore you do not need them extra after cleaning. Chinese cinnamon and ginger cause pores to shrink and reduce the spread of bacteria. When used regularly, in my case min. Two times Day, the sebum production from the dermis is normalized, the sebum production comes back in balance.

Then I use the day & Night Corrective cream, a delicious cream based on Salim, an exfoliant extracted from fresh water in Norway. Salicylic acid purifies the skin deep into the follicles and thus counteracts future impurities, preventing accumulations in the pores that cause pimples. Corn starch also cleans the skin intensively, absorbs excess sebum. It gives you a clean skin all day with fewer imperfections and shine.

Once a week I scrub my skin with the skin regulating nutrition mattifying scrub. A gentle scrub enriched with Sebustop ®, Jojobabolletjes, volcanic sand and salicyzuur. The Jojobabolletjes, these are round, provide for effective but mild exfoliation. A scrub causes the skin to become a bit ' week ' first, then cleaned and then polished. Cinnamon and ginger provide weather for counteracting dilated pores.

If there is an ignition in the head, then, fortunately, we have the active remedial purifying concealer. This camouflages imperfections and hydrates the skin simultaneously.

The transparent tint is easy to apply and matches with any skin color. So make sure you always have this 'lady' in your bag! :)
This Oolaboo oil control cocktail will keep my blemished skin in balance and I do not depart from this recipe.
Take and keep control!

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About the author: Ellen Wilmink

Communication manager at Oolaboo.

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