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Planning a holiday is still one of the nicest things to do, you have to agree on that! The planning is often just as much fun as the journey itself! Fortunately, the world is getting smaller. You can step into a plane for a small amount and the world is at your feet. We admit, sometimes you have to search a bit, but for sure you will find a cheap ticket! Where would we be without SkyScanner, here you will find the cheapest tickets very quickly!

Also, you don't have to go necessarily for a long period, just those few days, which can sometimes feel like weeks! So nice to feel the sun on your skin, to walk with your feet in the sand on Ibiza and to sit down at Cafe Sydney in the port of Santa Eulalia Des Ríu. Or visit that museum where you can see this special exposition, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, for example, where the exhibition can be seen from 16 June of Frida Kahlo! How about a festival like Lollapalooza in Berlin where, for example, this year Dua Lipa, Kygo and Rag'n Bone Man are in line up.
So…boundaries don't stop, ticket prices are no longer an issue, so were are you waiting for?

And Oolaboo have been taken care of the right travel buddies! You can go on a trip without worries with the super foodies luggage lovers. Very easy when you go out for just a few days. An easy poutch keeps the buddies together. Buddy 1 is a damage free shampoo, followed by buddy 2, a reparative treatment. Buddy 3 takes care of your casual locks and buddy 4, also not unimportant, a fresh taste and a clean mouth with the natural toothpaste.

Bet you have a small place in your suitcase for these luggage lovers!

The best feeling in the world? Knowing a trip is coming up!

Have a nice trip!

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