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Guasha (pronounced "guwasja") is a Chinese therapy which is already several thousand years old. "Gua" means scraping and "sha" means stagnant energy that translates into the body to complaints or diseases. 
This stagnant energy feels for the client like sand granules under the skin as the therapist goes over these spots with the stones. In China, Guasha is a folk therapy. Most rural villages have their own Guasha therapist. In addition, many Chinese people practise Guasha with themselves, also preventive. In The Netherlands, this therapy is still quite unknown. However, remarkable results are booked with this therapy.

Facial Treatment

The Guasha facial massage focuses,  in the first phase, on the meridians, acupressure points and reflex zones in the face. Because of this, the treatment is not only aimed at relaxation or skin improvement but is also effective in fatigue, insomnia, headaches, eye symptoms and chronic sinus inflammation. This is due to the stimulation and the balancing effect on the nervous system.

Next, a warm oil is applied to the stones with which the second phase begins. This makes a deep relaxation and in this way, the lymph pathways are cleaned and the muscles refreshes. The flowing massage techniques give a soothing feeling in which the scalp with the stones is also massaged.

The third phase is the "scrape" phase. This means that we are now using a stone to stimulate the connective tissue, the muscles, and the blood flow. This stage works as a kind of work out for your skin.

After going through these different phases, a lot of waste has been released which we all have to dispose of. Thanks to the special stone, all waste materials are transported through the lymph. What results in a great look!
The Guasha therapy has made remarkable results. This is because Guasha works on skin, connective tissue, lymphatic system, meridians, muscles, blood vessels and nerves during treatment. This again has its influence on the brain and the immune system and thus works Guasha on all functions, systems and organs of the body.

Results after facial treatment:

  • Delicious soft, even and healthy skin
  • Waste and noxious substances have been transported
  • Reduction of impurities and unevenness
  • Strengthening the connective tissue for ultimate anti-ageing effects
  • Thanks to activating general blood flow with a fresh face color and radiant skin
  • Facial muscles are stimulated and refreshes
  • Provides optimal relaxation, increases vitality and gives more energy.

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