Benefits of paraben and sulphate free shampoo

Oolaboo shampoos don’t contain sulphates, parabens and mineral oils. This sounds like a ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ shampoo, but what do these ingredients actually do with our hair and scalp?

  • Sulphates (SLS/SLES) ensure that the scalp will be cleansed effectively. The sulfates also ensure that the shampoo foams. Sulfates are also known as an aggressive cleanser, which causes the natural upper oil layer to be washed away. This creates a dry and itchy scalp, dry hair and/or very greasy hair (because the scalp will compensate for the lack of oil). Sulphate-free shampoo is milder for the scalp and ensures that natural oils are not persistently removed. This helps the scalp to become free from itch and irritation. The sulphate-free products allow for more hydration in the hair and the natural sheen will be retained. Oolaboo substitutes sulphates by using safer ‘sulphates’ that cleanse the scalp in a less aggressive, more natural and nourishing way.
  • Parabens are less aggressive cleansers and is used to preserve the product. This ensures that the product doesn’t decay, so molds don’t have a chance to develop. This is a good aspect of parabens, however they also have a downside effect: Researchers found out that parabens appear to have direct influence on tumor development, fertility and hormonal management.
  • Mineral oils don’t really sound that bad, do they? But they are on the list for a reason. These substances come from refined petroleum, which results in liquid plastic. Mineral oils clog your pores and close the hair cuticles, which causes them to no longer breathe. Applying mineral oils to the skin isn’t advisable either: The skin doesn’t renew itself under the layer of mineral oils and can’t absorb any of the mineral oils because of the chemicals. Oolaboo uses natural moisturizing oils which allows the skin and hair to breath, repair and renew itself.

Oolaboo believes in inner and outer beauty, so anything we use for the skin or hair, should be safe enough and as natural as possible.

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