How bacteria keep your skin healhty

A good resistance of the skin is important in order toachieve the best results at the end. Just like in our intestines, good microorganisms should be present on the skin to fight the harmful within their species. Bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi together are called the human microbiome.
The microbiome is part of our immune system, which protects us from sickening bacteria and helps to digest our food. The microbiome largely determines how our body functions.

The bacteria that live on your skin are called the skin microbiome. The skin microbiome varies from person to person, and also varies by body part. The microbes in, for example, your groin are very different from the ones on
your face. Certain skin conditions often find their cause in the intestines, so healthy nutrition plays an important role.

The most bacteria are found on the epidermis, but also in the deeper layers of the skin. The skin microbiome and skin protect you from harmful external influences. The good bacteria keep the bad ones in balance and protect your skin.

Oolaboo is therefore introducing its new line morning dew hydra-active prebiotic program.
A new and innovative program for dry, sensitive and eczema-sensitive skin. Thanks to a natural prebiotic, the good bacteria, which are important for healthy skin, are kept intact. This rebalances the skin microbiome and naturally reduces skin problems.

Prebiotics are nutrients for the good bacteria (probiotics), which occur naturally in foods such as vegetables, grains and fruits. So prebiotics are not living bacteria but they encourage the growth of probiotics (good bacteria). They help to support your own personal bacterial ecosystem. (skin microbiome)

Probiotics are living (good) bacteria and yeasts that have important benefits for our overall health. Probiotics also positively affect the skin flora. They are reducing the acidity by producing, for example, lactic acid and antibacterial substances. So by applying good bacteria, sickening bacteria are less likely.
Morning dew products contain the natural prebiotic preBIULIN AGA, submitted by chichorei, a root, family of chicory. PreBIULIN AGA balances the skin microbiome, prevents skin aging and reduces skin problems. In addition, preBIULIN AGA has the ability to directly counter the harmful effect of preservatives. It hydrates faster, more intensively and longer compared
to hyaluronic acid. PreBIULIN AGA provides 24-hour skin hydration.
Hyaluronic acid also provides the skin with a dose of hydration, blurs fine lines, makes the skin smoother and firmer.

Along with hyaluronic acid, ceramides (supplement of fats that occur aturally in your skin) and natural moisturizers, reduce dryness lines and protect the skin from harmful external influences.
We used grapefruit oil that has a calming effect on the skin, and also purifies and improves the skin. Agave extract increases skin elasticity and softens fine lines. In addition, karité butter keeps the skin smooth and cupuaçu butter provides hydration. Alöe Vera is very healing. Macadamia oil contains a natural UV filter and reduces moisture loss. Squalane, extract from olive oil, is a strong oxidant. It restores the natural balance of the skin, retracts quickly and does not seal off the skin. Squalane penetrates deep into the skin, softens and heals.

Morning dew contains no silicone, is 100% vegan and is enriched with an essential (natural)perfume. (citrus)

The program consists three products:
# morning dew moisturizing prebiotic serum
# morning dew hydra-active prebiotic face cream
# morning dew eye opening nutrition emulsion

The morning dew products are launched with a corresponding morning dew treatment that can be booked at our Oolaboo partner salons.

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