What's it going to be this summer?

It is about time, spring is getting closer and closer. What are the hair trends for next spring and summer? What did we see on the catwalk?

As far as we are concerned, the braids รก la Greta Thunberg are at the first place!
This girlish look is perfect for summer! No long hair in your  face, but everything tightly tied together! Get your hands free to do what you want!

The bob... impossible to forget, an eternal existence! Classic at one length, or more trendy, in layers. The longer variant that came up with this, the lop, is still doing well! Natural baby highligths will finish the whole thing!

And not to mention, the beautiful long straight hair that everyone dreams of!
Of course, healty and long, especially long! But with a side hair line! Who doesn't want that?

And then last but not least: de 90's are back: waffle hair,  anyone who has experienced this time consciously knows what we are talking about! One luck, the strokes may be a lot softer than in the 90's. 

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