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Nails consist of dead horn material and grow from the nail bed. Between the skin on which the nail rests - the nail plate - and the skin there is a thin layer of skin that forms a good border with the outside world. The nail plate (the visible top) consists of three layers: the horn layer (cuticle layer) is the top layer that comes loose when it is dried out. We also speak of splitting nails.

The keratin layer (sponge layer) absorbs all nutrients and retains moisture and fat. The epithelial layer (bottom layer) is the fixing layer of the nail roll. This is located on the side of the nail plate.

Many women like long nails. The historical explanation for this is that a woman with long nails cannot work with her hands - so had staff - and therefore would be in good shape. Nails clearly indicate how your health is doing. Very pale or white nails arise as you age, but it can also be a sign of serious conditions such as anemia, liver disease, a nutrient deficiency or heart failure. If the nails are mostly white with dark edges, this may indicate liver problems such as hepatitis. Are the fingers also yellow in color? Then this is another indication of a liver disease.

White spots arise, among other things, because air can get between the cells in your nail when you have bumped, for example. They have no function and disappear because they grow out. Dry, brittle nails that break quickly can indicate a thyroid problem. Are the nails also yellowish in color? Then this may indicate a fungal infection.

Longitudinal ridges are normal. As you get older, your nails get more ridges. A rib in the width indicates a trauma or illness. If the skin around the nail is swollen and red, this indicates an inflammation of the nail edge. Continuously pushing back the cuticle gives an increased chance of infections, so don't do it too often!

Did you know that your fingernails grow faster on one hand than on the other? Fingernails on the hand that you use the most, grow the fastest. And another nice fact: your fingernails grow faster than your toenails by 3 millimeters per month against 0.5 to 1 millimeter per month.

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