Be nice to your hands!

We wash our hands all day ...

 Therefore it is important to use a safe hand soap and to use a nourishing hand cream as often as possible.

Washing your hands well remains important to combat viruses, but what does that do to the hands in the long term?

First of all, it is important to use a hand soap that is adapted to the pH value of the skin. Classic soaps or intensive cleansers often contain sulfates (aggressive cleansers) and are ‘basic’ (acids with an extensive lower pH value than the skin). This means that the skin acid protection mantle (the barrier layer of your skin) can be affected easily. If the skin becomes chapped and dry, you need to nourish the skin immediately. Especially if your skin is dry, irritated or chapped, it can be more vulnerable to pathogens. Viruses then penetrate more easily through the cracks in the skin caused by excessive hand washing and disinfecting.

Washing the hands will not be that efficient anymore: it becomes painful and this results to washing the hands less – or not anymore.

It is therefore very important to use a safe hand soap and a hand cream as often as possible. The following applies for hand cream: it is better to apply thin layers of hand cream regularly, than to apply thick layers once in a while.

The super foodies happy hand & body soap is a liquid hand and body soap with natural ingredients. Because the composition has a pH value of 5.3, it is tailored to the protective barrier of your skin. The foam feels creamy, soft and antibacterial, respecting the skin. In addition, it also smells wonderfully floral: a hand soap enriched with rose and tuberose.

The super foodies velvety hand lotion is a soft, protective and nourishing hand cream, enriched with antioxidants. The composition includes Japanese Matcha tea, that offers effective protection against external influences - that dry and damage the hands every day. Apricot kernel oil provides a soft skin, while macadamia oil nourishes the skin. Babassu oil provides hydration. The soft cream repairs chaps and prevents dry or rough hands, caused by intensive work or regularly washing the hands.

Being extra kind to our hands is therefore very important, to ensure a healthy skin and preventing dry hands or chaps.

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