What distinguishes skin rebirth from other products?

In short, skin rebirth is a very unique program based on cellular skin improvement in both the epidermis and the dermis (where all anti-aging processes take place). Unlike other cosmetics, skin rebirth does not address the phenomenon but tackles the problem at the source with 3 highly innovative ingredients: Glutaprol, OligoHyaferre and Salmin.

The skin rebirth 4 phase concentrated cellular program consists of four phases.

phase 1: cleaning, with an AHA cleanser to create a deep cleansing and leveling effect.

phase 2: repairing / renewing, with the cell renewer that focuses entirely on renewing the various anti-aging skin processes.

phase 3: hydrate, with the infuser full of different types of hyaluronic acid to fill the skin from the inside out.

phase 4: protect, with the resurfacer for a recovery of the skin barrier and offers a natural sun protection for the skin.

What are the active ingredients of the program?

It contains three new and innovative ingredients, the effect of which is scientifically proven.

Glutaprol stimulates collagen synthesis, even strengthens collagen fibers and has a significant effect on both the size and depth of wrinkles.

OligoHyaferre increases the production of collagen, elastin and other components of the skin. It contributes to the recovery of the basic structure of the skin and also prevents the breakdown of collagen in the skin.

Salmin removes dead skin cells without affecting living skin cells, so that the skin is leveled daily. It reduces the presence of sebum, inflammation and comedones. Hydrates the skin, refines the pores and ensures a radiant, fresh and smooth skin.

A correct introduction to the skin rebirth 4 phase concentrated cellular program starts with professional treatment in the salon. 

This Medic Ceremony is a treatment that puts the skin to work in 75 minutes. Starting with a wonderful hand wash ritual and a very intensive fruit acid cleansing, the treatment is continued with an intensive peeling. A skin softening and rejuvenating skin rebirth micro acid derma peel is applied to your skin in two stages.

The first phase contains a peeling of 5 different grains in different sizes and hardnesses. This together with a combination of high-quality and active ingredients removes the dead skin cells as you are used to with a microdermabrasion device.

The second phase, based on 3 very intensive acids, such as lactic acid, malic acid and glycolic acid, results in an immediately visible reduction of the lines, pigment spots, scars and facial irregularities. In addition, it ensures that the active ingredients of the skin rebirth program are transported to the right place in the skin.

The effectiveness of the active ingredients is enhanced by the guasha technique, a massage with stones. The massage increases blood flow, oxygen supply, activates cell metabolism, removes waste and is therefore very suitable as a treatment against skin aging. Due to the intensive massage techniques that act on the connective tissue, the fibroblasts (collagen stem cells) deform, causing the skin to be renewed and therefore firmer and looking astonishingly younger.

Afterwards, a great lifting, refreshing, antioxidant, restorative and highly hydrating special mask is applied. And of course, you end with one of the 3 remaining steps from the skin rebirth program.

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