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Self-tanners: the solution for a beautiful sun-tanned skin color, without having to expose to excessive UV rays (which comes from sunlight) or pay for expensive holidays. The sunlight can cause much damaging to our skin, which tells us the need to protect our skin from the sunlight. Excessive tanning (or tanning beds) can increase the risk of skin cancer. The biggest cause of skin cancer is exposure to UV radiation. An ideal solution is an self-tanning bronzer, to get that beautiful tanned complexion. But, how does this work?

The natural self-tanning ingredients DHA and Erythrulose react with the amino acids that can be found in the skin. This creates a beautiful suntanned complexion, after only 3-4 hours, which lasts up to 7 days!

Oolaboo's skin superb organic spray-on bronzer is a luxurious self-tanner: safe, non-toxic and with natural ingredients – suitable for all skin types and skin tones. This luxurious bronzer is enriched with natural, nourishing and pure ingredients, including aloe vera, matcha and vitamin A and E. The skin superb organic spray-on bronzer also nourishes the skin effectively. The bronzer has a fresh mango fragrance and is organic, safe, non-sticky and fast-drying. The bronzer is easy to apply with the bronzing glove and provides a healthy, natural and even tanned skin, without stripes, stains or the orange ‘carrot’ effect. A beautiful brown complexion without harmful UV rays, that can be caused by sunlight or tanning equipment.

The intensity of the tan can be built up, by reapplying the product regularly between a number of days. Tanning before going on holiday is also ideal, this way you can lie on the beach with a nice tan. Please note that the skin is NOT yet protected from UV rays after self-tanning, so it is important to use sunscreen with a high SPF to protect the skin from sun damage. A great complimentary protective skincare product, is the DNA protective cream SPF 30. This nourishes and protects the skin with SPF.

Tip: scrub the skin with the all over gentle scrub  before applying the skin superb organic spray-on bronzer, for a smooth and  'long-lasting' result.

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