Summer proof feet!

It only takes a few easy steps to make your feet feel smooth and summer-proof! Start with a lovely foot bath using effervescent tablets for the feet. This will make the skin feel soft.

Next step: Exfoliate! Exfoliation will help to remove the dead skin cells on the feet.  Use the Super Foodies soft scrub from Oolaboo to exfoliate.

If the feet has a lot of calluses, gently take it away with a glass base file. But beware, don’t take the calluses away too often! It could cause damage to the skin and may cause inflammation.

After filing the calluses on the feet, it is time to lubricate the feet with Super Foodies Body Butter. Use a good amount of product, to make sure the feet will get enough moisture. The best time to do this is before bedtime. The skin has a higher absorption capacity at night! Pull socks over the feet, so the skin can optimally absorb the cream We can garantee you that the next day your feet will feel very soft!

Apply oil to the cuticles of the toenails. Gently push the cuticles back with a cuticle pusher. Use a nail clipper to cut the toenails in the prefered shape. Give them a nice summer-proof colour by using your favourite nailpolish!

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