Scrub or exfoliate?

What is the difference between scrub and exfoliating?

'Scrub and exfoliating actually means the same thing. We do know is the difference between a scrub and a product on an enzyme basis, without grain (also called lysing). This only works on the surface of the skin and is milder than a scrub. A scrub has a grain and is good to use when having impurities on the skin, as it cleans the pores and gives a fresh feeling. Oolaboo develops products using 'acids'. These acids have the ability to really work into the skin, which has an effective result.’

Why is it so important to scrub or exfoliate regularly?

'It is important to exfoliate one or two times a week. This gives the skin a healthy sheen and helps to absorb nutrients effectively. Good exfoliation also ensures a clean and even effect. When using acids in a product, the cell renewal will be stimulated and has an anti-aging effect.

How often should you do this? And does this apply to your whole body?

'It is important, when you have a normal skin condition, to exfoliate at least once a week. When having an impure skin, it is advisable to exfoliate up to two times a week. When having a sensitive skin, once every week is sufficient and beware to use a mild peeling or scrub. Not only the face, but also the rest of the body can be treated with these frequencies with a scrub, since our skin also horns every day.'

Do you need to scrub or peel more often as you get older?

'When the skin ages, it often becomes somewhat thinner, which can make the skin more sensitive. It is therefore common that the frequency of peeling decreases as you grow older.'

What is an (Oolaboo) acid peel?

'An acid peeling consists of a gel or cream that is applied to the skin with a brush or spatula. Our skin consists of a natural protective layer: pH value. The lower the pH value, the more acidic (more intensive) a product can work. The main difference between a lysing and a scrub or peeling is that an acid peel actually works into the skin and treats pigment spots, wrinkles and flakes.'

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