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Despite these bizarre times, we can’t deny the fact that the nature is recovering and blooming. The sun shines bright every day and the flowers are blooming fully! A wonderful time to enjoy beautiful walks or to sunbath in the garden.

When we go on holiday to a sunny (home)destination, it’s usually standard to pack sunscreen with a high SPF (sun protection factor). The sunrays penetrate deep into the skin, which can damage the skin and develop wrinkles earlier. During this lovely weather it is certainly not insignificant to keep lubricating, with one once every two hours recommended. In addition to the skin exposed, our lips are also exposed to the sun. And also the lips are important to lubricate.

Why is it important to protect our lips?

The skin type and structure of the thinner rest of the skin on our face. Also, the skin of the lips does not contain sebaceous glands, which causes the lips to dry faster. Sebum itself contains a natural sun protection factor. Because the skin of the lips don’t have sebum, the lips can become more sensitive to sunrays. When the lips become very dry, they can chap and even tear. The result are sore, torn and/or sunburned lips.. And that’s exactly what we don’t want!

Do you want to take good care of your lips, and to keep them beautiful and healthy? It is definitely recommended moisture lips more often and intensively, especially with a lip balm that contains SPF, such as the skin defense DNA emergency lipstick spf 30.

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