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White truffle is one of the rarest nutrients in the world, a rare raw material, which makes the ingredient more expensive the platinum. Did you know that truffle is a rich source of vitamin B? Vitamin B stimulates hair growth and protects the color of the hair and gives the hair more elasticity. And that's why white truffle is the main ingredient in the Oolaboo blushy truffle series.

The high gloss polishing mist is a non-firming, high-gloss hairspray, with an extremely fine mist, based on Italian white truffle oil.  The fog reflects the light and immediately gives a high-gloss result and keeps frizz and fly away hairs under control. The fog polishes the hair and creates a direct sparkling shine.

The product is suitable for all hair types, but significantly animates the color of colored hair! The hair color becomes more beautiful, more striking and shiny, while high-lights become fresher. The hair is also significantly less static.
Italian white truffle oil strengthens the hair from within. This 'hair oil' works soothing and equalizes the cuticle of the hair for a breathtaking sheen.
And then there's also that breathtaking scent! Intensive fragrances of shea butter ensure that the mist also serves as a perfume!

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