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It might not occure yet around your twenties, but skin ageing approximately starts from your 25th. However, this isn’t visible until turning thirty and forty years. The degree of skin ageing is determined by genetics and (partly) by external factors. The lifestyle of an individual also plays an important role in skin ageing. These factors show the importance to start stimulating and/or improving your skin on time.

Improving skin texture

To improve the skin texture, it is necessary to weaken the epidermis (upper layer of the skin) and stimulate the skin to create new cells. This helps to reduce coarse pores, fine lines, small wrinkles, scars and pigment whilst optimizing the skin's density.

The Skin Rebirth products effectively help to desiccate the skin in a controlled manner and stimulate the fibroblasts (most important part of the skin cell) into collagen production. The dermis will be strengthened blood flow will be improved. This enhances the oxygen flow. The nutrients will go to the skin cells and waste materials can be disposed better. The ingredient Glutaprol in the Skin Rebirth products ensures quality improvement of the collagen. Collagen fibers provide the elasticity and firmness of the skin. OligoHyaferre is an active ingredient that renews targeted fibroblasts. The production of new collagen takes place there. The other important ingredient for skin renewing, Salmin, has a peeling effect and refines wrinkles, lines and coarse pores.


Skin Rebirth treatment use as a cure

The four Skin Rebirth products work effectively on the cell level of the skin. During the Skin Rebirth treatment, a 2-phase micro acid dermapeel is used. The micro acid dermapeel has a strong equalizing and rejuvenating effect. This ensures the transportation of active ingredients to the right place in the skin. The acidic peel helps the skin to absorb the active substances into the skin.

It is necessary to use the Skin Rebirth treatment as a program to reach the optimal effect. In 8 weeks’ time, there are six treatments scheduled and 4 Skin Rebirth products are used at home. The skin will enhance the result significantly. This program is ideal for skins with fine lines, wrinkles, lack of volume, skins with reduced blood flow and thick smokers skins.

If to wish for skin improvement, the Skin Rebirth's Medic Cellular program will help to achieve wonderful results. Ask your salon for more information.

By Saloni Evers

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