Do you suffer from breakouts in the summer too?

Pimples, every one has them, one more than the other. However, many people experience that you are more affected in summer. But why?

The sun has a positive effect on your skin, as long as you protect it properly, on bacteria that cause pimples, so inflammations can be less bad. Of course, the sun makes sure that, especially when you are on holiday, you are more relax, so you experience less stress, this has a positive effect on your skin. Of course, the summer tan that you get will also obscure any small igniters in your skin.

However, your skin is very hard to endure in the summer. Exposure to uv rays and high temperatures plays a major role in this.  Because the skin is exposed to uv rays, the immune system is affected, the skin dries out, making it more sebum and creating pimples faster.

The sun also thickens the outer layer of the skin which causes blockages.

High temperatures also ensure that your skin is going to produce more sebum, which can cause your pores to become clogged, extra case to cleanse your skin well. (also read the blog of July 25th about the 60 second rule when cleansing the skin)

So do not use the sun to counteract pimples, this can lead to an opposite result. Do you still want to enjoy the sun? Do not forget to lubricate your skin every 2 hours with a high protection factor, for example the skin defense DNA Protective cream, it protects against Uv rays, supports to protect the skin naturally, increases the renewal of collagen and slows skin ageing.

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