The cold weather influences your hair

You may have heard or noticed that the cold weather affects the skin. And did you know that the cold weather also affects our hair? Yes! It may sound odd, but also the hair needs some 'extra touch’.

The hair can get greasier and oilier during the colder months, especially while wear hats or caps regularly. Covering your head causes the scalp to sweat more. This stimulates sebum production, which makes our hair to become greasy, dull and oily. It is also very important to not leave the house with wet hair. This can cause the hair to freeze, which will eventually break(!). It is important to take care of the hair more intensively to prevent breakage and dryness. It is highly recommended to use products that fulfill the hair requirements. To help you out: The following products are completely winter-proof!

1. The moisty seaweed hair bath contains seaweed, which moisturizes the hair intensely. It restores the hair hydration deficiency during the cold months. By washing the hair, the hair receives an infusion of exclusive and high-quality marine botanicals, including seaweed and algae. The Quinoa Protein Complex binds moisture from the outside air. Shea butter, soy proteins and apricot oil moisture the balance of the hair and scalp.

2. The moisty seaweed hair mask works the same way: it restores the hair maximumly in terms of hydration. Due to the Quinoa Protein Complex – which binds moisture from outside – and a mix of exclusive and high-quality marine botanicals (seaweed and algae), the hair is hydrated intensively. This stops the hair from drying out. After two treatments, the moisture balance of the hair will be improved immediately. The hair becomes supple and manageable immediately.

3. The all-time must-have is the moisty seaweed 24 benefits. This product has – like the product name describes – 24 benefits and does everything the hair needs (read the blog: one product, 24 benefits!): such as taming the hair, providing manageable hair and improving hydrations. The product is mostly appealing because it contains an antistatic effect. During the cold winter months, our hair is often statically charged due to frost. Also, the hair becomes statically charged by wearing hats and (woolen) scarves. The miracle cure with 24 benefits!


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