7 Reasons why to use a conditioner

After washing our hair with shampoo, we apply conditioner and rinse it out to get that healthy shine. Oppose to the shine, conditioner works well for other reasons. Here are 7 reasons why conditioner works so well for our hair!

Shampoos rinse the hair, so sometimes it can make the hair feel dry.
A conditioner like Oolaboo bouncy bamboo reconstructor helps to nourish and moist the hair again, so the hair will look more beautiful.

  1. Conditioner helps to make your hair healthy by slowing down the natural breakage. The hair consists of 10-12 protective layers. These protective layers can be maintained by using a conditioner. This helps the hair grow longer and healthier. A great conditioner for damaged hair is the Oolaboo blushy truffle conditioner
  2. The hair needs to be nourished more often due to the drought and cold from outside. This helps to restore the balance and moist the hair. Rubber bands, brushes, combs and braids can also damage the hair. A conditioner mostly contains nourishing ingredients that prevent the hair from damaging or breakage, such as Oolaboo Rich Moisturizing Conditioner.
  3. After dyeing the hair, your hair can use some extra attention. A conditioner such as Oolaboo colour Stay Conditioner restores hydration, retains the colour and nourishes the hair.
  4. Frizzy hair will be reduced after using a conditioner like Oolaboo straight baobab detangler.
  5. Curls come back to life with the Oolaboo lively curl conditioner.
  6. Conditioners, such as Oolaboo fresh stimulating conditioner, help reduce hair loss and thinning hair, due to ingredients such as pure peppermint oil and Japanese matcha-tea.

Written by Saloni Evers.

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