60 Seconds Rule

Cleaning your skin is the most important part of your daily beauty routine! A part that you do, at least, twice a day. Be honest? How long does your cleaning ritual take? In the chair of the beautician you have noticed that cleaning your skin takes longer then when you do it yourself at home.

To properly clean your skin and let the cleanser you use work properly, you will need at least 60 seconds. 60 seconds you need to soften your skin and remove the dirt from your pores. In addition, the texture of your skin will improve and make your skin look much better.

Your skin barrier works hard all day to counteract external influences. Use a soft cleanser that does not damage your skin barrier.

A well-cleaned skin makes sure that the elixir and the day cream that you use afterwards are much better absorbed by the skin.

So even if you are in a hurry to go out in the morning and you are almost fall asleep before going to bed, never forget to clean your skin!

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