Elixir as a cure-all

An elixir: A resolution to remove pigment spots, dry skin and facial wrinkles. An elixir has a high concentration of rich ingredients that take care of the skin intensively. This product is so called the 'repairer of the skin'. An elixir has three powerful effects:

Reducing pigment spots: pigment spots are irregular dark spots on the skin that could be a result due to sunlight, hormones, skin damage (such as scarring), diseases or medications. These pigment spots could be removed by a chemical peel or laser treatment, but also by using an elixir. The Oolaboo saveguard elixir helps reducing pigment stains, redness, eczema or rosacea. In addition, this elixir also has an anti-aging effect.

Nourishing the dry skin: Are day or night cremes not sufficient enough to nourish the skin? Use an elixir! An elixir can be used in addition to creams and other skin care products. If the skin feels very dry, it is important to use a nourishing elixir before bedtime. The Oolaboo beauty sleep elixir works effectively and nourishing, so you wake up with a soft and nourished skin. This elixir contains vitamin C and E.

Protecting against skin ageing: from our 25th year of age, the first signs of skin aging are already visible. Skin ageing is a natural process, but we can slow down the process by using effective skin care products. The Oolaboo Truffle Indulgence elixir is a high concentrated elixir with ingredients such as white truffle oil and hyaluronic acid: Specially developed for the mature skin. The elixir gives a lifting and toning effect. It also visibly reduces the depth of facial wrinkles.

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