Superfood is not just extremely healthy, but also very nutritious. Matcha is at the heart of every Super Foodies product. It is the oldest, most rare and refined tea in Japan. Matcha is a quintessential superfood and offers a tremendous amount of goodness for our hair, skin and inner health.

More and more biochemists have discovered the benefits of Matcha for cosmetics and the food industry has noticed the potential of Matcha as well. Matcha is now used by chocolatiers, sweets manufacturers, ice cream producers and Michelin star chefs as an ingredient for chocolate, truffles, ice cream, desserts and smoothies.
The health benefits far exceed those of normal green tea, because Matcha is not drunk as an infusion; the entire leaf and all its nutrients are consumed. The antioxidant effect of Matcha is also far higher than most other healthy, nutritious products.

Matcha is undoubtedly a superfood that should definitely be included in our daily skin and hair care.