smoothly caviar ultra flattening hair detangler

Smoothly caviar ultra flattening detangler is a conditioner for restless, frizzy, fluffy, unmanageable hair. Caviar extract, Quinoa Protein Complex*, ceramides, shea butter, silk amino acids, guar and chitosan make hair ultra-smooth with an intense sheen. Ideal for long and sleek hair. This conditioner untangles and seals unruly, coarse hair and gives it an intense sheen. Cationic substances nourish and care for the hair, prevent frizz and make hair easy to manage and sleek. Even in wet weather, the hair is supple without any frizz or curls.

*Results from studies show that after 5 applications, the Quinoa Protein Complex (INCI Hydrolised Quinoa), the condition of the outside of the hairs cuticle improved by 32% and the inside of the hair (cortex) can be strengthened for up to 26%.