moisty seaweed deep hydrating hair bath

Moisty seaweed deep hydrating hair bath based on blue lagoon water from Polynesia was specially developed to care for normal, slightly to very dehydrated hair. Each wash infuses the hair with exclusive, high-grade marine botanicals, including seaweed and algae. The Quinoa Protein Complex*, which binds moisture from the outside air, shea butter, soy proteins and apricot oil also help restore the moisture balance of the hair and scalp. The hair bath immediately makes hair supple and easy to manage and soothes the (dry) scalp. Suitable for daily use and safe for coloured hair.

*Results from studies show that after 5 applications, the Quinoa Protein Complex (INCI Hydrolised Quinoa), the condition of the outside of the hairs cuticle improved by 32% and the inside of the hair (cortex) can be strengthened for up to 26%.