At Oolaboo we see beauty not only from the perspective of outer beauty and care for the outside. The maximum potential of beauty is achieved by paying close attention to our inner beauty and health: our inside.

Therefore, our cosmetic products consist of ‘nutritious’ and safe ingredients. Because our skin is our largest organ, that absorbs everything you use on it, our starting point in product development is that when it’s not safe for our mouth, we don’t use it on our skin!

The personal care products that you use in and around your mouth on a daily basis are absorbed through your skin and the soft tissues of the mouth. This is why Oolaboo constantly sources the highest-quality safe ingredients for our solutions. Astonishing, the regular toothpastes don’t really belong to the category healthy. First of all, because almost all normal toothpastes contain fluoride, but also all kinds of other unhealthy or even toxic substances, such as SLS and parabens.

For this reason, Oolaboo has developed in collaboration with Kleinsman / Varzideh Dental Center the following natural, safe and healthy dental care products:

· natural white toothpaste

· fresh organic mouthwash

· no bad breath spray

Kleinsman / Varzideh Dental Center has been the clinic for simple and highly complex dental treatments for more than 20 years, is a member of Leading Dental Centers of the World, founded by Richard and Bertho Kleinsman. From all over the world, patients come to Bocholt. Many of them have a public function and are aware of what a radiant smile does. They come to Kleinsman / Varzideh Dental Center because they want the very best.