OOOO de parfum 03 Sandalwood

OOOO de parfum aroma diffuser 03 is traditionally handcrafted and contains a recycled bottle with natural rattan diffuser sticks. Provides a pleasant smell and a soothing atmosphere in the area and is a stylish way to create a delicious smell in any space. Especially recommended for use at home, from living room to bathroom, kitchen and toilet. The aroma lasts for three to four months. The aromatic fragrance composition is obtained by the use of natural, pure essential oils extracted from sandalwood. Our OOOO de parfum aroma diffusers are alcohol free and contain always 100% undiluted essential oils without any artificial additives or diluents. So you are assured of a 100% natural product, without an attack on the environment and your health. Directions remove cork stopper from the diffuser bottle. Place the reed sticks in the bottle arranging in a spiral fashion like a bunch of flowers. The reeds will suffuse with the scented oil. Ensure you turn the reeds every 4 to 5 days to refresh the fragrance for a pleasant scent experience. You will be able to enjoy the fragrance for at least three to four months.