OOOO de parfum 01

Oolaboo 01: a glamorous eau de parfum developed in the Southern French city of Grasse, the perfume city since the 16th century. A subtle and floral fragrance, stimulates and enlivens your senses. The basic ingredient is the four o’clock flower, a flower with a sweet, positive smell and special features. Invigorating and fresh top notes of bergamot and rhubarb leaf, delight your senses with middle notes of beautiful flower scents like rose and tuberose. Oolaboo 01 is a luxurious and long-lasting eau de parfum thanks to base notes of sandalwood and patchouli. While the world tends to focus on the physical and external, Oolaboo 01 is inspired by the inner beauty that lies within us and has been designed with a particular quality in mind. Oolaboo 01 brings out your inner beauty and strength. It’s what perfume should smell like, like a subtle complement to your inner beauty.